Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Three - October 24th
Locations & Times
  • Wherever You Are
    Tuesday 2:00 AM
This unique parable only occurs in the Gospel of Mark and not in any other Gospel. Jesus is teaching us that although we may not see how, his Word changes people and is always working…whether we are continuing to do something or not. If we scatter the seed, He will work!

Every once in a while, people will come up to me and say, “You know…I’ve been thinking about something you said a few years ago.” And my first thought is: “How do you remember something I said a few years ago?! Some people can’t remember what I said last Sunday!” And although they may not remember what I even said last Sunday, that particular Word has been growing in their heart.

You may say something about God to a co-worker or a friend, and they may shrug you off, but that doesn’t mean that God can’t grow that seed. Once you’ve planted it, if it’s in God’s will, He’ll grow it in His own timing! Our job isn’t to miraculously change people’s hearts. That’s God’s job! Our job is just to plant the seed. Where are you going to plant seeds today?