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Blessing in Hebrew is Baraka……meaning kneeling with a gift….to come to one on a bended knee to bring a gift.
The blessing would start
A. The Lord bless you……….the Lord wants to come to you on bended knee & bring you a gift.
He comes to bless us……
B. To keep in Hebrew “shomer"….to protect you; to put a hedge about you; to guard.
C. Let His face shine upon you…….look eyeball to eyeball.
D. The Lord be gracious to you…many different Hebrew words for Grace & mercy, but here it is Chanan /khaw·nawn which means that He stoops down & gets personally involved.
E. The LORD lift up His countenance upon you……….what is the difference from “Let His face shine upon you”………
Lift up His countenance upon you means, He wants to smile when He sees you coming into His presence.
F. And give you peace. Peace in Hebrew is “shalom”………He wants to take the chaos out of your life.
Shalome -- “prosperity”, “health”, completeness, soundness, welfare, peace. safety, quiet, tranquility, contentment, friendship. Happy, Holy,

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