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Prove It (Wk6)
A Christian’s life should be living proof of their connection to the Father. Essentially, our sacrificial love for others is a testament of our sacrificial love for God. In his first letter—which forms the basis for this series—the apostle John walks through several aspects of the Christian life, revealing where the evidence lies for each. Do you know God? You can prove it because the evidence is in your obedience. Do you truly love your neighbor? You can prove it because the evidence is in your sacrifice. We don’t earn God’s forgiveness with our good deeds, but a transformed life should look just like that—transformed. Each entry in this 7-week series examines different claims made within the church, and asks for the evidence to prove that it’s true. It deals with things like sin, the identity of Christ, and obedience. The heart of this series is to help us open our eyes to where our words and our actions may not line up. You can say it with your mouth, but the evidence is in your actions.
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Go with me on a little journey this morning…

Imagine going to the tech store and inquiring about the latest smartphone. The tech guy begins to explain all of its many features, and that gets you excited. You then ask him to turn it on and show you how it works. Now imagine the tech guy saying, “Well, it’s not meant to work. It was made to be admired.” How pointless would that be?

Sometimes we treat the Christian life that way. We are thankful the Lord has given us the tools and the resources to overcome sin and live in victory (2 Peter 1:3), yet many times we don’t use it.
Big Idea of the Message: To avoid being misled by false prophets, test everything against scripture.
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-Money is the Root of all evil
Close, but the frequently quoted phrase is missing a few important words. 1Tim 6:10 actually says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
God doesn’t want you swimming around in gold coins in a gigantic money bank like Scrooge McDuck, but He may bless you financially so that you can bless others.

-Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Sure, the Old Testament contains lots of rules about ritual cleanliness, but this biblical-sounding proverb is nowhere to be found in Scripture. Some form may have originated in ancient Middle Eastern religious writings.

Scientist Francis Bacon had a version, but the modern quote first originated in a John Wesley sermon. If it helps you to get your kids to take a bath, go ahead and use it, just don’t say it’s from the Bible.

-Be In the World, but not of the World
This one may surprise you, but that phrase is nowhere in the Bible. As much as you may think it’s an exact quote from the Sermon on the Mount or another verse, it’s not there.

Parts of the sentiment are, however, expressed in various places in Scripture (John 15:19, John 17:14-15, Romans12:1-2). Just don’t try to find that word-for-word as a verse in your Bible.

-God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle
This is the result of some presumably well-meaning person trying to sum up 1 Corinthians 10:13 as a way of comforting a person going through a trial, but that’s not what that verse or any other verse in the Bible teaches us.

You find countless cases where someone faced something they couldn’t handle—but God could and did. That’s the point, including Paul’s words to the Corinthians where he tells them God will provide a way of escape from temptation.

If we could handle everything that came our way, we could take care of our sin problem. But we couldn’t and we can’t. That’s why we needed (and continually need) Jesus.

-God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
If I could pick one phrase to erase from the memories of every Christian, it would be this one. This falsely remembered Bible verse is a blatant contradiction to everything Scripture actually teaches us.

Where does the phrase actually come from? Variations are proverbial statements in ancient Greek tragedies. The Quran (13:11) has something similar. An English politician gave us the exact wording, which Benjamin Franklin quotes in Poor Richard’s Almanac.

The message of Romans 5:8 is the exact opposite. While we were still sinners and unable to help ourselves, Christ died for us—proving how much God loves us, how amazing grace is, and how incapable of helping ourselves we truly are.
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Application Point: We should strive to know the Bible so well that we can discern if something is from God or not.