The Space Between Part Four
Follow along today with @emmanuelmn and our Lead Pastor @NateRuch for part four of our series, "The Space between."
Locations & Times
  • Emmanuel (Spring Lake Park Campus)
    7777 University Ave NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
  • Emmanuel (Maple Grove Campus)
    14320 93rd Ave N, Maple Grove, MN 55369, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
  • Emmanuel (Elk River Campus)
    18912 Twin Lakes Rd NW, Elk River, MN 55330, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
We are all surrounded by limitations. limited circumstances, limited possibilities, and our own inner limitations!
Definition of a miracle: an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
Salvation is the only eternal miracle.
Miracles start with YOU and what you DO have.
Obey and trust God first and THEN he provides the miracle.
We’re not only receivers, we are ministers of miracles.
BELIEF in the supernatural, miraculous, POSSIBLITIES of Jesus is essential!
Are you living in YOUR possible or GOD’s possible?

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