Richardson East Church of Christ
There's Power in the Bread
Sharing Christ. Loving Others. Changing Lives.
Locations & Times
  • CARE Church
    1504 E Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75081, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

Global Missions Give-Away

We are grateful for your giving! October is our Global Missions Give-Away. Everything given over $70,000 for the month will go to our global missions partners: The Feast in Providence, RI, Predisan in Honduras, Heritage Christian College in Ghana, and the Varazdin Church in Varazdin, Croatia. Clicking here takes you to our online giving site. Thank you!

CARE Church Reads One Book: Gospel of John

The Turning Point: Jesus is the Bread of Life

Jesus, The Bread of Life, and God's Table at RE

The Dare: Meal with Friends or Life Group

- How are things going spiritually?
- What do I feel toward God right now?
- Where do I feel close with God?
- What about joy? What about anger?
- Talk about my prayer life.