Sharon Baptist Church
August 9, 2020
It's Time To... Series Message #2
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It's Time to Follow Jesus
It's Time to... (Message #2)
Luke 9:23
1.Stand fast in the Gospel
2.Follow Jesus
3.Love Others
4.Reach the Lost
5.Bear the burden of others

From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry to the end of HIS ministry, He was always asking people to FOLLOW HIM.

1. The Initial Call of the disciples—Matthew 4:18-22
-not the beginning of Jesus’ ministry
- not the first time they met
-the disciples are already saved and baptized

2. The end of Jesus’ ministry and his physical time on earth—John 21:17-22
- This is a post-resurrection discussion in Jesus’ glorified body.
- Peter is still struggling with issues
- We all struggle with issues

3. What does it mean to follow Jesus?
- The invitation of a rabbi
- His teachings become your teachings
- Willing to submit
- “To yoke up with Christ”
- “To be covered with the dust of your rabbi"

It's Time to Follow Jesus!!!
A. “I’m too comfortable”—Luke 9:57-58
1. We find out this man is a scribe—Matthew 8:19
2. “Getting comfortable being uncomfortable”
3. The rich young ruler

B. “My family is my priority right now”—Luke 9:59-60
1. My priority list:
- My relationship with God
- My relationship with my wife
- My relationship with my kids
- My ministry
2. Breaking the First Commandment
3. The man’s probable inheritance

C. Looking back instead of looking to Christ—Luke 9:61-62
1. Divided interests
2. Uncommitted
A. Many would follow Jesus for the food and the miracles and as long as it was popular, but then he went to preaching!—Luke 14:25

B. What??—Luke 14:26

C. “Bear his cross” = Death to self, death to your plans, your opinions—Luke 14:27

D. Jesus never hid the cost—Luke 14:28-33
A. Luke 9:23-27

B. The Cross = Death
- Die daily
- Facing ridicule and shame, it is a mark!
- Remember, it is easier to “wear a cross than bear a cross.”

C. Gain or Loss—Luke 9:24-25

D. Why are some ashamed?—Luke 9:26

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Home Discussion Guide
1. To you, what does it mean to follow Jesus?
2. What are some excuses people use for not following Jesus?
3. We must keep Jesus as the priority in our lives in order to follow him, so what are some things we might put ahead of HIM?
4. What are some wrong reasons to follow Jesus?
5. Jesus never hid the cost for following HIM. What might be the cost in your life for following Jesus?
6. In the Bible, the cross = death. What does Jesus mean when he says, "Take up your cross and follow me?"

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