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Life: A task too big for us - October 15 | Leawood
A Life of Vision - 9:00 & 10:45am
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  • Christ Community - Leawood Campus
    14200 Kenneth Rd, Leawood, KS 66224, United States
    Saturday 3:00 AM
Title: A Life of Vision
Scripture: Jeremiah 1:11-19
Speaker: Andrew Jones,

>> Where do you look when you doubt God’s promises?
“If we forget that the newspapers are footnotes to the Scriptures and not the other way around, we will finally be afraid to get out of bed in the morning. Too many of us spend far too much time with the editorial page and not nearly enough with the prophetic vision. We get our interpretation of politics and economics and morals from journalists when we should be getting only information; the meaning of the world is most accurately given to us by God’s word.” - Eugene Peterson, Run with the Horses
Conversation Starters – Leawood Campus
Date: Oct 15, 2017
Text: Jeremiah 1:11-19
Title: A Life if Vision

TAKEAWAY: If you were to condense this sermon down to one or two takeaway sentences, what would it be?

LOOKING BACK: Andrew said, “We can look at the same things but see and understand completely different realities.” Where have you experienced this with someone else? Maybe a misunderstanding at work or at home came down to seeing a situation differently? How might you explain the difference between simply looking and actually seeing something?

LOOKING INWARD: Andrew asked us, “Where do you look when you doubt God’s promises?” Just like the “almond branch,” what are the things you look to that remind you of God’s presence and faithfulness?

LOOKING OUTWARD: The fact is, there are many events in this world that cause us to be afraid. How does fear change the way in which we see the World? How might fear cause you to look outside God for solutions to fix our broken world?

LOOKING AT HABITS: How might we become a community who sees and understands who God is and the things he has for us?

PRAYER: Pray for one another that we would have ears to hear and eyes to see the way God is working in and around us.

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