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October 8, 2017 - Thriving in the Age of Resentment & Rage 2
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Parents, please pick up promptly by 6 pm so our staff can enjoy their evening with family.

$ 3 per head. RSVP to Pastor Hettie at email below.

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MOPS meets the 4th Monday of the month, through April (No meeting in December). Registration Fee is $75 per MOPS Mom.  The fee covers $24.95 membership paid to MOPS International which includes a monthly magazine, weekly email and a really cool swag package delivered to your door.  The remainder monies will cover administrative, hospitality, and  Moppet costs to your local MOPS chapter at CPCC.

Sticky Faith

Sticky Faith, by Dr. Kara E. Powell and Dr.Chap Clark.
Teens and young adults are walking away from their faith in
record numbers.
61% of all young adults had been churched at one point during
their teen years but they are now spiritually disengaged.
Nearly 3 out of 5 young Christians disconnect permanently or
for an extended period of time after the age of 15.
Of the young adults who walk away from their faith, 80%
planned to stick with their faith but didn’t.
Trust Factor #1: Talk about God’s work in you.
Look for opportunities to make deposits in your child’s “trust-bank”.

Trust Factor #2: Focus on internal transformation rather then
external behavior
The Gospel of Sin Management: Earning God’s favor by being
good - Dallas Willard
Trust Factor #3: Your life of faith has profound impact on your
child’s faith choices.
Trust Factor #3: Your life of faith has profound impact on your
child’s faith choices.
“The greatest gift you can give your children is to let them see
you struggle and wrestle with how to live a lifetime of trust in God.”
Dr.s Powell and Clarke, Sticky Faith
“When it comes to kid’s faith, parents get what the are.” -Dr.
Christian Smith, sociologist from the University of Notre Dame
Trust Factor #4: Your community of faith has profound impact
on your child’s faith experience.
John Ortberg says “Kids experience Jesus Christ when adults in
the church give them grace, time, and genuine love with no hidden
It’s never to early.

It’s never too late.

Easy answers are rare.

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