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Technology has become a way of life in our culture, and although we value busy-ness in our community, it actually prevents us from living for Christ. The use of Technology was originally intended for the purpose of efficiency and creation, but it has now engrained itself in our lives for our over-consumption. Today we will be diving into a topical sermon series that will address the inevitable tension of using tech without being used by it and how we can grow as disciples of Christ within the digital age that we live in.
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  • Kearney eFree Church
    4010 7th Ave, Kearney, NE 68845, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Today's sermon is being taught by Adrian Boykin, Lead Pastor, and will focus on Discipleship in a Digital Age.

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Almost anything that can be done with anger, can be done better without it.

How we say it, is as important as what we say.
Worship—Offering all of me for all of God’s glory.

1. Begin by opening your time together in prayer and worship. Sing a song or the Doxology or pray through Psalm 23.

2. Read Proverbs 15:1 & 12:18. Share a time when you experienced the power of words in either a positive or negative way. How did those words shape you?

3. How is your heart connected to the words you use? To take it a step further, what would your emails, or social media posts suggest (Luke 6:44-46)?

4. What are your favorite passages of Scripture about the words we use? (See Proverbs 12:18; 17:28, 18:21; Ephesians 4:29, James 1:19 to get started). What are some practical tools you use to control your tongue?

5. What was your response to the statement, “Almost anything that can be done with anger, can be done better without it?” Why do you agree or disagree?

6. How does a worshipping lifestyle effect the way we respond to criticism?

7. Spend 5-10 minutes simply praising God for who He is. Then conclude your time by praying for one another as we seek to apply Proverbs 15:1 this week.