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Sept 24: Fighting For Joy Part 6
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  • Gospel Community Church
    383 Fayette Pl, Fayetteville, GA 30214, United States
    Sunday 9:30 AM
You are not alone in the struggle!
The Word of God encourages us down pathways that lead to joy and warns us away from the pathways that rob us of it. The Fight for Joy is a fight to continually refuse the ‘deadly’ pathways.
Joy is a state of delight and well-being in your soul, produced by the Spirit, from seeing the beauty of Jesus’ works and gifts.
We are to find true joy in our relationship with God, and then take our faith into the world as His children, living authentic lives that demonstrate the reality of Jesus.
Our culture needs to see that Jesus makes a difference in our everyday life and that we need him for every breath we take.
We have learned that joy in God is His gift to us through Christ.
We have learned that we need to fight for joy.
We have learned how important the Word of God is in our fight for joy.
We have learned that the Word and prayer are vital weapons as we fight during the “dark times of the soul.”
What should I do when times are difficult, and my spiritual life is dry, and the desert where I am find myself seems to have no end?

What should I do when my “darkness” doesn’t lift?

What about my brother who is going through his own “darkness?”
How do I help him, and is it even my responsibility?
What do we do while we are waiting for God to break through our darkness?
The condition of our bodies, either healthy or unhealthy, makes a difference in the ability of our minds to think clearly and of our souls to grasp the beauty of hope-giving truth.
Christians, are more susceptible to an attack of spiritual depression when they are physically weak than at any other time.
Sin robs us of joy. It offers deceptive pleasures, but it kills in the end.
Christians can take comfort in the following as we encounter the darkness.
1- Satan cannot do anything apart from God’s sovereign permission.

-Choose to submit to God’s plan whatever it is, even when it includes darkness.
-He has designed your darkness to build your faith not to destroy you.
-Take your eyes off yourself and put them on serving others and sharing your faith.
-Tell yourself the truth rather than listen to your feelings.

2- The decisive blow against Satan’s destructive power was delivered by the death of Jesus for our sins.
3- Deliverance from Satan’s oppressing, darkening, and deceiving work in the life of the Christian comes by the power of God’s truth.
Lifestyle cause: Our Self-absorbed lifestyle leads to isolation and depression
How about my responsibility to the one who is going through the valley?
Does Jesus abandon us when we are hurting?
When brokenness and darkness has its perfect work, the results will be His light shining through the cracks of our broken earthen vessels.

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