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You’re Not the Boss of Me - From the Heart
Our emotions don’t have to be the boss. In fact, Christians already have a boss — a better boss than anger, envy, insecurity, guilt, fear, or greed.
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None of us really enjoy being told what to do.
Once I can call my own shots, I'll call all the right shots.
Our need of supervision may some day come to an end if we silence the toxic voices that come from within.
Here's the negative version:

Our need of supervision will never come to an end until we silence the toxic voices that come from within.
The truth is, for all of us, we don't get in trouble because we won't take advice. Most of the time we get in trouble because we take our own advice.
How to say “no” to the emotions that compete for control.
Jesus invites to take monitoring (our emotions) to a whole new level.
If what Jesus says is true, you may have some work to do!
The tradition of the elders is also known as the oral Torah.
Religious leaders and religious systems have a tendency of creating rules to the game, and it just so happens they are always able to win the game because they're always able to keep the rules, and they use the rules to manipulate people.
"Your Heavenly Father knows what you need before you ask, but He invites you to ask anyway, because that's what people in a relationship do."
Jesus allows us to catch a glimpse of what is most valuable to Him and what is most important to His Heavenly Father.
God is not most concerned with how our behavior affects Him.
Jesus was consistent throughout His entire ministry that the law was given not to keep God happy.
“But the things that come out of a person’s mouth…these defile them.”
Matt 15:18
To be defiled was to be at odds with God.
What comes out of our mouths can put us at odds with people which puts us at odds with God.
“Sometimes I say things I don’t mean!”
Sometimes you say things you don’t mean to say out loud.
It came out of you because it's in you.
Religious rituals and traditions can be very, very important and meaningful to us, but they are not a means by which you keep God happy and satisfied.

How you treat others is what makes all the difference.
We are going to begin monitoring that thing in us that is the source of the evil oftentimes that comes out of us.
The people closest to you are experiencing the overflow of your heart right now, every single day.
We already have a boss of us.
"Follow me," Jesus says, "and perhaps your need for supervision will finally come to an end once I help you silence the toxic voices that rage from within."

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