Lifepoint Lewis Center
It All Adds Up
When we come to Christ our patterns and mindsets change as we put off the old and put on the new. Putting on the new changes the way that we think about ourselves and others and causes us to experience the kind of freedom that only forgiveness brings.
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  • Lifepoint Lewis Center
    7719 Graphics Way, Lewis Center, OH 43035, USA
    Saturday 8:28 PM
Just Because It’s New Doesn’t Mean It’s True
New Relationship = New Reality
Present Patterns do not equal Past Patterns
New Mindset does not equal Old Mindset
Dropping our Baggage = Running Well
New Relationship = New Responsibilities
Forgiveness: The Freedom to Let Go by June Hunt
5 New Realities of Forgiveness
1.Forgiveness ≠Forgetting
3.Forgiveness = I agree to live with the consequences of another's sin
4.Forgiveness = I agree not to hold someone’s sin against them
5.Forgiveness ≠ waiting until you feel like forgiving