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Spiritual Growth Requires Intimacy
Spiritual growth is an intentional process with an ultimate goal. This series will help empower the believer to keep Christ and his kingdom at the center of daily living. You will be challenged to live authentically while walking out who God says you really are in the power of Christ.
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Intro: Verse 1 mentions the death of King Uzziah. He was the tenth king of Judah and he was a very godly man. He was highly influenced by the prophet Zechariah and, unlike many of the other kings, he never totally departed from the worship of the true God. Under his influence, the southern kingdom attained power, wealth, and success unlike any it had enjoyed since the days of Solomon.

Well, evidently, Isaiah is disturbed by the death of the great king. After all, he had reigned for 52 years. His death signaled the end of a time of great prosperity and consistency. For Isaiah and the entire nation, it ushered in a time of uncertainty, change, and doubt. Yet, for Isaiah, this is to be a time of rediscovery.
How does one experience spiritual growth with God?

WE NEED TO SEE GOD, Isaiah 6:1-4
- He Saw God’s Position, v. 1 - Isaiah saw God in His sovereignty. An earthly king may have died, but the Lord still reigned. He saw the Lord in all His glory.
- He Saw God’s Personality, vv. 2-3- The angelic beings in the temple proclaimed the tripartite holy nature of the God of Heaven. Even those sinless creatures were careful to honor the holiness and purity of the Lord.
- He Saw God’s Presence, v. 4 - We are told that the “house was filled with smoke”. This was a symbol of the presence of God.

- He Sensed His Own Condition, v. 5 - When Isaiah saw the Lord, he instantly realized that there were problems within his own heart.
- He Sensed His God’s Cleansing [power], vv. 6-7 - Thank God, the Lord does not just point out our sins, He also provides a means for our cleansing!

WE NEED TO SAY YES, Isaiah 6:8
- He Said “I Am Available” - As soon as Isaiah gets His heart clean, he hears the call of the Lord.
- He Said “I Am Agreeable” - Isaiah not only told the Lord of His availability, but he also mentioned his agreeability!
Talk it over:
- In the presence of God is where Isaiah sees the depth of his sinfulness and the sinfulness of Israel. How should we react to God’s presence?
- In what way does thinking about God’s holiness make you uncomfortable?
- Attempt to express in words how you view the wonder and power of God. How do those thoughts affect the way you worship Him (Rev 4:11)?
- What about God would bring your face to the ground if you came into His presence?
- What is your "Here am I. Send me" this week?