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A Place to Belong - 2 - Jonathan Burgio
5 Benefits of Belonging
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In the Bible the Church is referred to by 5 different metaphors. Understanding these metaphors will help us to understand 5 benefits of belonging.
Metaphor #1 - A Family
Benefit #1 - In God’s Family I learn my true identity
Metaphor #2 - A Temple
Benefit #2 In God’s temple I am supported by others.
Metaphor #3 - A Body
Benefit #3 In Christ’s Body I discover my unique value
Benefit #4 - In God’s Flock I’m protected & cared for.

You need people who will walk into your life when everyone else walks out
Benefit #5 In God’s garden my life becomes productive.
eBulletin - September 24, 2017
Lunch Bunch – September 29
Lunch Bunch is back! All Ladies are welcome to come to Water Lilly Cafe, 5354 Genesee St, just down the road from church. We meet at 12 noon, Friday, September 29. If you need more information, please contact Linda Palm 684-8289 or Kathy Knoll 400-4415. Hope to see you there!

Case for Christ the Movie – October 4 at Love Joy Church
You believe…Now come and discover the evidence to back up your faith. The Case for Christ is a film you won’t want to miss. Come and experience this compelling journey where challenging questions about Jesus and Christianity are explored and answered. Wednesday October 4, 7-9pm.

Slime Time Volunteers
Slime Time is a free, family, Halloween-alternative outreach to the community. We need help with games, baking cookies, and we need candy! Sign up at the welcome counter and drop your bagged candy in the black bin.

BASICcon November 3-5 in Rochester
The BASICcon Conference is for all College & Young Adults. David & Marlinda Ireland from New Jersey are the speakers. Worship with the BASIC Band. See Tom & Amanda Ryan for more information or pick up a flyer at the front doors.

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