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Characters series: Mary & Martha

A. Martha was a GIVING person

B. Martha was a COURAGEOUS person

C. Martha was a CARING & LOVING person



Intro: Have you ever met an individual that just seemed to have God all over them? It seemed that they possessed a walk with the Lord that was head and shoulders above anything you have ever experienced yourself, and you wondered how they accomplished it. Well, I have been there! I think the answer lies in what they have discovered. It just seems to me that some people have learned to abide & obey at the feet of Jesus.

ILLUSTRATION : last week at Streetlight: Woman saying she sensed God over all our group in red shirts & she feels His love from us!!


(Ill. The context of the story. Martha opened her home to Jesus and did her best to be a good hostess. Mary, on the other had, opened her heart to Jesus and tried her best just to love the Lord. Too often, we are more like Martha than like Mary. In our zeal to serve the Lord, we wind up ignoring Him! While Martha labored, Mary listened. She found a place of stillness at the feet of Jesus.)

She found a place where:

A. V. 40 We Can Forget Our Cares

- While Martha was "cumbered", (To be distracted, to be driven about mentally), while Mary was sitting, calmly listening to the Words of Jesus. When we come into His presence, (i.e., in prayer, Bible reading, worship, etc.), the burdens of life tend to grow amazingly light. It would do many Christians good to learn to sit in His presence and forget about the cares of the world. Learn to love the Lord more than your worries and you will be able to find that calm place in His blessed presence. (Ill. When we focus our attention on Him, other things tend to become very dim - Phil. 4:6-9)

B. V. 39 We Can Feed Our Souls

- Martha was worried over physical nourishment while Mary was more concerned with getting her soul fed. In His presence, we will find food for our souls and strength for our journey. It is no wonder that many Christians are weak and lacking in spiritual vitality. They never take the time to just come into His presence and feed on Him! (Ill. We must have soul food, or we will dry up spiritually! 2 Tim. 2:15; Job 23:12; 1 Pet. 2:2)

C. V. 39 We Can Focus Our Priorities

- Looking in on this scene at Martha's home, we can tell what each sister's priorities were. Martha was concerned with preparing the meal and serving her guests. Mary, however, was more concerned with being in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even being overly busy in His work, to the point where we have no time to spend at His feet, is a bad thing.

--This verse: at Streetlight! / in LIFE group study a week ago week:
Take away: we need to recognize Jesus' presence

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