Restoration Covenant Church
Sunday Service August 2
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  • Restoration Covenant Church
    475 Round Rock W Dr, Round Rock, TX 78681, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
  • Sunday 10:30 AM
Psalm 145 Rises to the Occasion
This Psalm takes on the impossible challenge of summarizing the inconceivable greatness of God. Even a glimpse of God --- who He is, what He does, how He cares for His creation --- compels praise, exuberant praise. For all of this we are inadequate, but like David we are gripped by His endlessly astonishing greatness and invited to live as an expression of wonder, gratitude and adoration.
David's Personal Praise > All Israel Praising God > All People Praising God > All Creation in Wholehearted Praise
Praise because: God creates everything from nothing > God provides everything we need > God intervenes to save us > God responds when we call for help > God satisfies our desires
Praise because: God is gracious, compassionate, slow to anger, rich in mercy, forever faithful, reliably righteous, always good
Things to consider:
Transformation happens with application
1. What is praise? How do you praise God? Does it feel natural and meaningful?
2. What most impresses you about God's involvement in your life, in our community, in this world?
3. What might you be missing that limits your praise, or experiencing that suppresses your praise or distracted by that displaces your praise?
4. How does your praise invite others to appreciate God's greatness and God's relevance to them?

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