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Prayer Walking: Why and How?
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O Praise Him; Before the Throne; God of this City; The Blessing
Read Luke 10:2

Question: Why should we walk around our streets and pray for our city?

Reasons why we should prayer walk:
We need to reach our city
Helps us increase our faith in God's power and promises
It teaches us patience and steadfastness in our obedience
It creates the unity of community and opportunity
When our community is in unity, it gives us a greater Gospel opportunity
(Pastor Garrett)
It puts us in the presence of God's activity
It teaches us to wait and trust
It reminds us that we are not in a human battle, but in a spiritual war.

How do we walk around our neighbourhoods:
Practical tips:
· Ask for the Lord’s guidance. Before you begin walking, ask the Lord to guide you/your group. Ask the Lord to reveal the needs and His activity in this community. Ask Him to guide your walking path and open your senses to receive from Him.
· Pray scriptures. Let scriptures prepare and guide you. Consider verses such as Jeremiah 29:7, Ephesians 6:10-13, Colossians 4:2-4, 1 John 5:14-15, etc.
· Pray with your eyes open. As you walk down the street, what do you see? Who do you see? What conversations or languages do you hear? How are people interacting? Is there evidence of other churches or ministries active in the area? Pray over community gathering points such as schools, community centres, parks, and fields. Be observant of how you can specifically pray as you pass each house.
· Do not be in a hurry. It is not about how many blocks you can cover. It is about asking the Lord to open your eyes & ears. It is about praying for whatever the Lord reveals this day.
· Be conversational. This is a great time to discover the power of “praying without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
o If prayer walking alone, treat this as an ongoing conversation with the Father as you walk. Pray in response to what you see, hear, and observe.
o If prayer walking in a group, there will be times that you feel lead to pray aloud as you walk. Other times the group will walk quietly in individual prayer and regroup after a block or two to pray together responsively. The key is to remain focussed on prayer… do not give in to the temptation to begin talking amongst yourselves just to avoid what might initially feel like awkward silence.
· Interruptions are invitations! A stranger saying “hello” or engaging in conversation is not an interruption… it is an invitation to hear what the Lord is doing in this individual’s life or the community! Welcome the encounter.
o Ask questions to get to know the individual personally. Be ready to share about yourself.
o Ask questions about the larger community: What do you like most about this area? Where do people naturally gather in this neighbourhood? What is the greatest need in this community? How long have you lived here, and have you seen any changes in recent years?
· Look for people of peace. This may be an individual who is spiritually seeking and open to exploring faith or a believer who is excited to see God do new things. This may be an individual who is initially favourable to “doing good things together” and is open to connecting their network for mutually beneficial projects that will help the community. Lydia would be a great example of this type of person in Acts 16:11-15.
Share with the family. After your prayer walk, share with your pastor & your church family what the Lord has revealed in your community so that the family of God can continue to pray.

Our desire is ultimately to see many people saved, discipled and reproduced as sent missionaries in their own neighbourhoods to lead the movement of God across our entire city.

Two questions:
Are you one who would be willing to lead a prayer walking movement in your neighbourhood?
Are you one who would want to follow Jesus for the very first time as Lord and Saviour and let him declare the victory over sin and death in your life?


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