Christ Community Wesleyan Church
8-2-20 Thessalonians: "Living to Please God"
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  • Christ Community Wesleyan Church
    6275 Kenney Memorial Ln, Albany, OH 45710, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Title: Living to Please God
Series: Thessalonians // Faith in Uncertain Times
Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4
Date: August 2nd, 2020
Big Thought:Living to Please God changes EVERY area of our lives.
Living to Please God
1 Thessalonians 4:1-12
Living to please God is a consistent ONGOING process.
Two Big thoughts about this section:

1. The Content…
Living to please God REJECTS even the most popular cultural norms.
2. The Heart of Delivery…
Do not SAY it until you PRAY it!
Rejection of God, Religious Misdirection

Let living to please God be the FUNCTION of your “religion.”
Mission of Following Christ (One and Only)

Living to please God embraces a RELIANCE on one another.
Encouragement by What’s to Come

Living to please God acknowledges the PRESENCE of God, even as we wait on His return.