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A Tale of Two Banquets
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    星期六 10:30 上午
Story: " can never leave!"

We all can relate to feeling like we've walked into a trap, we've all done it.
There can be a multitude of reasons:
Maybe it's because we simply don't know any better
Maybe it's because we don't WANT to know any different and have to make changes
Maybe it's because temptation tastes so sweet

Story: How to stop a wolf in Alaska

Main points for this morning:
1) The wisdom of God is superior to the foolishness of the world, but the ways of God look foolish to the world

2) While we are dead in our sins and behave like the world, we hunger and thirst for things of this world which will never fill us up. Now that we are alive in Christ, and citizens of His eternal kingdom, we should hunger and thirst for the things of His kingdom. We should seek to be filled up on wisdom.

Story: Socrates and Plato's thirst for wisdom

Probably the best example of wisdom we have is King Solomon

Wisdom as defined by Old Testament is an understanding of how life works and how to solve problems, it involves discernment to make the right choices. It comes from the fear of God

Fear of God: while God is approachable and loving we do not take Him lightly. Out of reverence and respect we seek to obey and honor Him.
Wisdom defined here by Paul in New Testament comes from God in Christ who is our righteousness, holiness, and redemption

May Angelou: when you know better, do better
Temptation tastes sweet, sometimes we enjoy doing things BECAUSE they are wrong!
We might not think so, but we worship all kinds of things and practice things from other belief systems

Story: Video poker noise

Lady wisdom calls out to everybody, sets a place at the table for you, fills you like nothing else can
Lady folly offers up a counterfeit banquet, looks delicious but wait until you bite into it!

Story: wax apples

Both lady folly and lady wisdom offer something you want but only one can deliver

There's a lot of "fake news" promising ideologies based on human emotion and current cultural norms. Paul's letter could have easily been written to us today, it applies:
How many of us might say "I was nothing special until the Lord got me, now I'm special and have a new identity in Him!"

Story: a crunched car

Can you point to a time in your life when you chose God and then saw later what would have happened had you chosen poorly? Witnessed the calamity that would have befallen you?
The Greeks were obsessed with the "word" the "logos" the knowledge about this or that topic. John is saying "you want the word, the knowledge, you want wisdom? Look to Jesus, the first and last word on every subject

The gospel seems to good to be true to the world
The world's "wisdom" is lacking, inconsistent, and changes with the times
Wisdom is calling out, calling you to the table
Lady foolishness is calling out to, leading you away from the table and into death, don't listen to her! Shred the invitation to the banquet! And accept the invitation of God to sit at His table and let Him fill you up on wisdom!