Faith Assembly
Faith Assembly | Wednesday Service
Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL. Pastor's notes for Wednesday September 13, 2017. With Senior Pastor Carl Stephens.
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  • Faith Assembly in Orlando
    9307 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32825, United States
    Wednesday 7:00 PM
Jesus made us a new creation with a purpose: to be the light on this earth.
“You are the light of the world”: Jesus gives the Christian both a great compliment and a great responsibility when He says that we are the light of the world, because He claimed that title for Himself as He walked this earth (John 8:12 and John 9:5).

Light of the world means that we are not only light receivers, but also light givers.

We can never affect the world for Jesus by becoming like the world.

Let your light so shine before men…
The purpose of light is to illuminate and expose what is there.

We show the light by the words of our mouths and the actions of our Life.

Christ never contemplated the production of secret Christians–Christians whose virtues would never be displayed–pilgrims who would travel to heaven by night, and never be seen by their fellow-pilgrims or anyone else.”

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden:
Such a city is prominent for all to see.

In the same way, Jesus wants the people of His kingdom to live in such a way that attracts attention to the beauty of God’s work in their lives.

“Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand…”

“That they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven…”

The purpose in letting our light so shine by doing good works is not so that others will glorify us, but that they will glorify God.

Light gives the gift of guidance, so that those who have lost their way can find the path home. Like a lighthouse to sea vessels

Wise and Foolish Builders

But why do you call Me “Lord, Lord,” and do not do the things which I say?

This warning of Jesus applies to people who say “Lord, Lord” and yet their spiritual life has nothing to do with their daily life.

Jesus put this in the form of a question: Why? “If we are disobedient, why continue the profession of obedience?”

“Carefully note the three-fold condition.
1. ‘Every one that cometh to Me,’ - surrender.
2. ‘And heareth My words,’ - discipleship.
3. ‘And doeth them,’ - obedience.”

He is like a man building a house…
In Jesus’ final illustration of the two builders, each house looked the same from the outside.

The real foundation of life is usually hidden and is only proven in the storm.

When the flood arose…
Jesus warned that the foundations of our lives will be shaken at some time or another, both now (in seasons of difficulty) and in the ultimate judgment before God.

Time and the storms of life will prove the strength of one’s foundation, even when they are hidden.

He who heard and did nothing:
Merely hearing God’s word is not enough to provide a secure foundation.

Faith Assembly

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