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A Story Worth Living - September 17 | Downtown
I Decide What's Right - 8:30, 10:00, & 11:30am
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  • Christ Community - Downtown Campus
    1708 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States
    Saturday 3:00 AM

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Title: I Decide What's Right
Scripture: Genesis 2:15-16
Speaker: Gabe Coyle,

>> I decide what’s right.
>> We do have to do the work of deciding what’s right.
>> We want to decide what’s right.
In children’s stories, this can be very simple: the good guys win, the bad guys lose. In narratives for older readers, the ending is more complex, with some loose ends left dangling, and others ambiguous. Yet the ultimate appropriateness of the ending is rarely in doubt. If a tale ended with Harry Potter being tortured to death and the Dursley family dancing on his grave, the audience would be horrified, of course, but also puzzled: that’s not what happens in stories. - website Science 2.0
>> We need Someone else who is absolutely right.
>> Who are you trusting to tell you what’s right?
Conversation Starters– Downtown Campus
Date: Sept 17, 2017
Text: Genesis 2:15-17
Title: I Decide What’s Right

ENGAGING OUR THOUGHTS: Do you ever daydream about a life in which you didn’t have to answer to anyone—no bosses, no parents, no mentors? What makes that kind of fantasy so attractive?

ASSESSING OUR HISTORY: As you think about your family history, have you seen any dysfunction caused by people doing whatever they felt was right according to their own standards? How has that affected you?

USING OUR IMAGINATIONS: If you were God, how would you respond to a culture or an individual characterized by an attitude that proclaimed “I’ll do what I want, when I want, with whom I want”?

OPENING SCRIPTURE: Read Psalm 19. What makes God’s law so beautiful and appealing?

PRAYER: Spend time praying for each other, and our new session of community groups. May this session be a time of growing in our relationship with God, One-another, and our Neighbor.

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