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Moses: Legacy

Why do we talk about legacy?

Our Wednesday LIFE group: "If" study a survey asked 1 question: if you had your life to do over again, what would you do differently?

- Risk More

- Reflect more

- Do more things that live on after my life

SLIDE: For good or bad, our LEGACY will outlast us
*Jacob had been dead for hundreds of years, still his legacy was being talked about
Moses: still being referenced, hundreds of years later
*Centuries after they lived: God is still talking about them!!

*While we live & after we live, what will be said about us?

SLIDE: Our HERITAGE is what we are handed, our LEGACY is what we build

Football season is here !! Thanks to everyone wearing their jerseys!! :-)

Legacy: teams seeking the superbowl victory
-Steelers: 6 superbowls
-49ers & cowboys: 5

Great verses about heritage:
**Guilty (in Hebrew) Un-repentant

How we live is important!! -generations

CURE to unrepentant: Jesus & His Word!!
CURE to unrepentant: Jesus & His Word!!

How we live, negative & positive, is important.

Acts 7 (Stephen, the first Martyr: Talking about Moses's legacy HUNDREDS of years later)

-Isaraelites under rule of Egyptians
Pharaoh: decreed any male born to Israelites to be killed (thrown into the Nile river)

God spared him & started building a legacy through him you were meant to be here!! You were meant to live & leave a legacy for Him!!

Things we can learn from Moses' Legacy:
1. Humility.
(When Moses ran off to the desert, he learned humility. He also learned how to be alone with God)
2. Dependence.
(Moses had to learn to depend on God for everything. We are powerless in ourselves)
3. Spiritual Confidence.
(We all need to understand that God is in control....and put aside all of our own personal desires and feelings)

--This verse, in LIFE group study last week:
4. Accountability.
(Moses learned the hard way that you are accountable to God for your actions.....or in-actions)

Take-Away: our HERITAGE is what we are handed, our LEGACY is what we build.