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Do you believe that God formed you in the womb for a specific kingdom purpose?
Every Christian has a preordained purpose in the kingdom of God.
There are stages of equipping.

1. Infant – new Christian, goal is to protect and nourish. They consume.
2. Adolescent – Growing Christian, goal is to nourish and explore. They are learning how to walk, run and play. (will play house, doing ministry without knowing what God wants)
3. Young Adult – maturing Christian, goal is to give responsibility with accountability. Can feed themselves, take care of themselves. They are realizing that there is a reality that is outside of themselves.
4. Parent – Reproducing Christian, goal is to equip through ministry and disciple.
In today’s church world, the responsibility of church work and service is placed on the shoulders of the pastor, and those few faithful servants.
Holiness of Ministry

1. Desire the gifts and power of God for ministry.
The desire of grace and gifts is the starting point of holy ministry.
Holiness of Ministry

2. Serve in righteousness

Understanding that God has chosen you for that particular act of ministry and your performance in that is a direct reflection on Him. You are an image bearer of God, His ambassador in ministry.
Holiness of Ministry

3. Be focused on others

Sacrificing self for the benefit of others is the key to holy ministry. It is the desire to be the channel of God’s power into the lives of people in need of spiritual growth/awakening
Holiness of Ministry

4. Expectancy

When serving in holy ministry, there should be a sense of anticipation for the power of God to transform people’s lives. Miracles happen in ministry, but many don’t have an expectation of God ever demonstrating His power.
Jesus needs us to build up the body and we all have unique assignments and callings.
To live the Holy life, is to strive for the ministry of the church.
LifeGroup Questions
Because information without application is useless.

1. Why does God give everyone a Kingdom purpose?

2. Why is it important for the people of the church to perform the ministry of the church?

3. What is your unique calling?

4. How am I going to respond to the church differently as a result of hearing this message?