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9.10.2017 | Life of David - Week 15
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September 10, 2017

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Attention all men! It’s time to sign up for the Men’s Conference to be held at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill on Oct 20-21. The cost is only $50 for both days and a lunch is provided. We will take the church van both days. Please sign up in the lower foyer if you are able to join us! This is a great opportunity to bring along a friend!
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Every year, students and parents from every school across the country gather around their school’s flag pole to pray for their school, teachers and the students. This year’s SYATP day is Wed. Sept 27. Please check with your school as to the time. Our schools are in dire need of prayer and God’s blessings. Please be sure to be a part of this event. The theme this year is “Fix Your Eyes” (Heb 12:2).
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Beginning Wed. Sept 20 and running for approximately 3-4 weeks, we will be showing the Feature film / documentary “Is Genesis History”? It is a look at the biblical, historical and scientific evidence for creation and the flood. We will hear from dozens of scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of the truth of Genesis. If you know someone who doubts the biblical account, this is a perfect opportunity to invite them to see it from the other side. There will be discussion before and after each viewing.

There is a one day conference designed to inspire and empower our teens to be fearless in sharing the gospel with the world! It is on Sat. Sept 16 at Christian Life Assembly from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We encourage all teens to participate in this tremendous project. The cost is only $35 per student and lunch will be provided. TODAY is the last day to signup!

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We have been contacted by the York County Area on Aging to promote their free program on how to navigate the Medicare process. If you are in doubt as to the whole Medicare procedure, there is information on the table outside the upstairs nursery.
Human Life Services is offering a faith-oriented recovery group for all those who have been through an abortion. If you know someone who could benefit from this counseling, there is information on the Women’s table in the Upper Foyer.
A Christian play is coming to The Forum in Harrisburg on Sat. Oct 21 at 7:30 pm. It features a friend of Pastor Jeff and Anna’s. Here is the written description:

A small ‘black’ church and a small ‘white’ church combine congregations for financial reasons. Racial conflict and tension ensue from the very beginning. From the choir to the pulpit to even the usher board – EVERYTHING is affected by the union and the question that looms the entire play.

If you would like to attend this play, please sign up at the Women’s table in the Upper Foyer. General Admission tickets are $25. Deadline for sign up is Sept 24.

Beginning Wed. Sept 20 and running for approximately 3-4 weeks, we will be showing the Feature film / documentary “Is Genesis History”? It is a look at the biblical, historical and scientific evidence for creation and the flood. We will hear from dozens of scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of the truth of Genesis. If you know someone who doubts the biblical account, this is a perfect opportunity to invite them to see it from the other side. There will be discussion before and after each viewing

Last week...

Last week, Pastor Jeff talked about David's character compared to Saul's. David had men coming to follow him while Saul essentially had to force his army to fight for him.
We have spent several weeks on David’s relationship with Saul and ultimately his running for his life.

We experienced David’s emotions and frustration while on the run as we studied Psalm 142.

We know that his exile and constant threat lasted 10 years.

We are going to skip ahead a bit to the end of Saul’s chase and David’s getting the crown.
As the chase winds down, and Saul gets frustrated, he seeks out a medium or fortune teller. Some who supposedly talks to the dead.

We know the Bible gives specific prohibitions against that...
Not only are we not supposed to, they cannot do it.

They are either frauds or they communicate with evil spirits which are called lying spirits.

Mediums do not have access to the dead, but they do have access to spirits that can pose as one.
Saul asks to talk to Samuel, who had died, the medium thinks she’s just going to fool Saul and get her money, but is scared when God actually has Samuel talk to Saul.

Samuel rebukes him and tells him that tomorrow he is going to die.

Saul and Jonathan do die the next day in battle, so the chase is over, but David hasn’t been accepted as king yet.
Israel was a divided country.

When God’s people are divided over any issue, there can never really be a revival or even any movement forward to advance the gospel.

Why? Because we spend time fighting each other. Instead of focusing on God or against a common enemy, we fight each other.
David’s first job as king would be to reunite Israel as ONE nation.

David wasn’t running anymore but he knew that he had to start leading.

The first things he does is ask God about it.
You would think that Judah would be the logical choice for David, being his home town, but he didn’t want to presume anything. He needed God to tell him.
Sometimes we face choices that seem logical what we should do, but we always need to get God’s wisdom about it.

When we ask God for his wisdom in a situation, we have to know that he will give it and we should be specific.
It doesn’t tell us if David knew why he was going to Hebron, but he knew that he had to go back so people would see him and recognize that he would be their leader.
“His men had suffered with him now they would reign with him.” - Warren Wiersbe
As Christians, we will face many obstacles in our lives, but if we endure through them we will reign with Christ.
Don’t quit half way through!
The unification process had begun.
So let’s look at the other half of Israel. We have Judah and Israel, both halves of the Nation of Israel.
After Saul was killed, Ish Bosheth became their leader.
There are 2 factions that need to be united & a great civil war broke out between the two.
Israel was defeated but they hadn’t been united with Judah yet.

There were still people following Saul’s son.

Ish Bosheth gets assassinated. He was the last relative of Saul except for Mephiboseth.

So now Israel is without a leader.

The tribes of Israel had been defeated and they knew that God had chosen David to be the king for ALL the people.
These folks remembered when Israel as a nation was united and David fought with them.

He was their equal, their brother in arms. They fought alongside each other against a common enemy.

When they were together when they were unified, they won.

Now the country had been through a civil war and were hurting and regrouping. A lot of people died. Good people. Assassinations took place that shouldn’t have. They needed more than just a King, they needed a shepherd.
Saul was popular, David was an unknown at the time.

God’s kingdom is not a democracy. We don’t get to vote on God’s will.

David was now God’s choice for king. God didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion. He didn’t take a poll on what was popular.

God said he’s the one!
The men of Judah had already anointed David as their king.

Now as a unified nation, the men of Israel did the same.
As we mentioned before, these people knew David. They fought with him, they knew all the hardships that he went through. They knew that God’s hand was on him.
They gave their allegiance to him because they knew him. They knew his character.
“They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care."
The people needed a shepherd. They don’t need a rule maker and dictator, they need someone to care for them.
Jesus is referred to as the great shepherd. Pastors are called under-shepherds.
Ones who care enough to lay down their lives for the sheep.
To get to this point it took 10 years of preparation to make David into the person he needed to be to rule over God’s people.
David had to be transformed from only a shepherd through being a warrior (a warrior protects the helpless from the enemies) to being on the run and helpless (he needed to develop his trust in God and he can only do that if he’s in a situation that requires it) and now having all those experiences under his belt, he was now who God wanted him to be.
He developed his character in the furnace of affliction. How do we know how we will respond to a situation until we are in it?
We can all talk a good game, but until we are there. . . we really don’t know how we would act.
God takes a long time preparing each of us to be what he knows we can become.
Maybe you find yourself in the 10 year exile.
First, know that God is with you thru it. God never left David and God protected him wherever he went.
Second, know that all that we experience now is preparing us for what God is doing.
Third, it is temporary.
Mark Lowry’s favorite verse “It came to pass”
We don’t know what God is planning for us but we do know that we will soon know what it is.
It took 10 years for David to develop into the leader that Israel need.
Who knows what God has for you?

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