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Names of God - Elohim
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The Story: Israel is Introduced to Their God

· God chooses Abraham to be the father of His people

· God promises Abraham and his descendants all the land of Israel as a home land

· God takes Abraham’s descendants to Egypt to protect them for 400 years as they grow into a small nation

· God delivers Israel out of Egypt through the prophet Moses and takes them into the desert on the way to the Promised Land

· What does Israel know about their God at this point?
§ God is the God of their father’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
§ God is greater than the gods of Egypt
§ God is more powerful than nature
§ God was terrifying and frightful – Mt. Sinai (Exodus 24:17)

The Name: Elohim

· The first name that is used of God is “Elohim” - Genesis 1:1

· Elohim conveys the idea of the strong, powerful One

· Elohim is the eternal God

· Elohim is the strong creator God

· Elohim is the moral God

The Takeaway: Completely Able

· God is still Elohim today

· There is absolutely nothing that is impossible with Him – Ask Him! (Romans 10:13)

· God leads us to our good – Follow Him!

· God’s power is not limited to saving, but He is powerful enough to completely deliver on His promises – Trust Him! (Jude 1:24)