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Philippians Week 3: Gospel Advance, Motives & Perspective
The book of Philippians in the New Testament is a personal letter from the Apostle Paul to the Christians in the Greek city of Philippi. It conveys the heart of Paul towards people he loves deeply, and contains an incredible amount of practical information for us who desire to follow Jesus closely. Join us in person at 9:15 or 11am or on Facebook live or YouTube at 11am.
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1. How Bad Things Advance the Good News
A. Paul's Imprisonment Helped Him Take His Next Steps Towards Christ
B. Gave Opportunity to Demonstrate the Gospel
C. Other Christians Gained Confidence by Paul's Example
Discussion Questions
In a Growth Group, or with friends around the table or in the car, use these questions to help apply the sermon to life and take your next steps toward Jesus!
1. What is one “Bad thing” from your past that now in hindsight you can look back and see how God used it for good?
2. What current difficulty are you having a hard time believing God can redeem for good?
3. Just like Paul’s imprisonment gave him opportunity to be like Jesus through unjust punishment, what is one way current struggles are helping you take your next step towards becoming like Christ?
4. Name one Christian whose good example has encouraged you to live more boldly for Jesus and how?
5. When do you think it’s appropriate to judge other people’s motives?
6. How do we become aware of our own motives, and how can close relationships help us with this?
7. If you could envision yourself looking back on your life from eternity, how would that change your perspective of your current struggles?

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