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"God's Hand In Your Life" - Psalm 139
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    Domingo 10:00 AM
"God's perspective on my life not only settles me down in my purpose, but lifts up my heart in praise."

Four aspects of God's hand in our lives:
1) His Handiwork in making you (13-16)

"The fingerprints of God are seen all over you!"

2) His Handbook of all the details about your life (1-6)

3) His Heart in being with you wherever you are (7-12)

"God being everywhere is a comfort to the believer, but it's also convicting to the sinner."

Romans 8:38-39

"God sees clearly when I can't. My night will become light when He is with me."

4) His High Thoughts toward you (17-18)

Jeremiah 29:11

"While the world thinks the worst of you, God thinks the best FOR you."

MY RESPONSE: (139:19-24)
1) Humility before Him (v.6)
2) Praise lifted up to Him (v.14)
3) Aligning my heart with Him (v.19-24)


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