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"Just" a boy with a slingshot
We're using to saying that David was "just" a boy with "just a few stones and a slingshot" as though he was ill equipped for the challenge. But with God David was the best equipped man on the battlefield.
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Story: the Khevsurs
Don't underestimate the "underdog"
Background: stand off in the valley of Elah

Do you ever feel like this? Like there is a giant in your path, taunting you, and that you are not equipped to deal with it? So you run, or you remain still in a standoff?
There's a glimpse of some sibling agitation here...but that doesn't stop David...
Saul questions how equipped David is to handle this giant...David shows how with God and the experiences God has brought him through he is the most well equipped man to handle this threat. Saul relents and tries to equip him with armor. David sets it aside, he has all the equipment he needs already.

Infantry / Cavalry / Artillery

Goliath is heavy infantry
David has now become artillery

Artillery was a major piece of warfare
A barium sulfate rock...swung at 6 or 7 revolutions per second then comparable to a 45mm pistol

For David, the bear and the lion were preparation for the giant.
For you, what obstacle, what beast, might God be using to equip you to slay the giant that no one else can?
This is YOUR giant, YOUR mission
The God who spared you from the bear and from the lion will spare you again

This story isn't about the shepherd boy, his superior choice of weapon or his skill. The ULTIMATE weapon is God
David makes it clear before the battle, before he strikes Saul and cuts off his head, that the weapons before them weren't going to win the battle.

The Phillistines don't honor the agreement, they flee, and the Israelites are going to have to fight them anyway. And they litter the road with the Phillistines. David's sling didn't kill all of those Phillistines. God did it. The victory over Goliath is just a prelude of what's about to happen next.

What are some times that God helped you to conquer a giant?
What are some times God brought a victory in your life that other people saw and attributed to God?

This isn't the last giant David will face: Saul and his own son each try and take him down. But God helps him conquer each "giant."

David once sung a song about his beasts, circling about his feet. Jesus quotes the same song on the cross, as he slays the biggest giant of all, death and separation from God.

You have the same weapon David had, it is not YOU who are ill equipped for the fight, it's the enemy...who showed up with a knife to a God fight!