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Malachi Pt. 5
Honor God by Living Godly Lives
Despising God’s Service
Tim Armstrong
Malachi 3:13-4:6
Theme of Malachi:
Honor God by Living Godly Lives
The 7 Questions of Malachi

Q1: How have you loved us? (1:1-5)
Q2: How have we shown contempt for your name? (1:6-2:9)
Q3: Why do you not accept our worship? (2:10-16)
Q4: How have we wearied you? (2:17-3:6)
Q5: Why should we return, we never left? (3:7)
Q6: How have we robbed you? (3:8-12)
Q7: What have we said against you? (3:13-4:6)
The last conversation (vs. 13-15)
(See: Luke 6:45; James 1:19, 26; 3:5-8)
The Results of Israel's Repentance

#1 A promise to __________ (vs. 16b)
#2 A promise of a __________ (vs. 17)
(See: Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 7:6)
#3 A promise of a __________ (vs. 18)
Characteristics of Judgment Day
Malachi 4:1-6

It is a day of __________ for the __________ (vs. 1)
“Nothing will be left of them. No hope will exist for them. No future. No brighter day. All will be over, consumed in the mighty fire of God.”
Charles D. Isbell, Bible Study Commentary: Malachi, Lamplighter Books, p. 75.
It is a day of __________ for the __________ (vs. 2)
What must we do to prepare for this day?

1. __________ (vs. 4)