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Compassionate Action
What does compassionate action look like in your life?
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What does Compassionate Action look like in your life?
Royal Redeemer's Mission is "Living out the Love of the King". Our Vision is "Family in Christ reaching Families for Christ. And one of our 5 values is: "Compassionate Action".

But what does Compassionate Action look like? How did Jesus demonstrate Compassionate Action in His life? And what does Compasionate Action look like in your life?
Verse 13 of Matthew 14 says, "When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place." The verses before that tell us what He had heard.
verse 14 tells thst in spite of this devastating news, Jesus' Compassionate Action reached out to others who were hurting and ministered to them.

Take away 1: Compassionate Action occurs when we reach out to others in need, even when we are struggling with our own needs.
The disciples idea of Compassionate Action was to send the people into the village to get something to eat, but Jesus told them to give them something to eat. So they brought their woefully inadequate resources to Jesus and He accomplished the Compassionate Action through the disciples.

Take away 2: Compassionate Action occurs when we bring our inadequacies to Jesus and He works through us.

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So, "what does Compassionate Action look like in your life?" - It's simply reaching out with a helping hand or a listening ear to someone who is struggling in some way.

If you sense the Holy Spirit urging you to do that but you don't feel up to it either because you are struggling with your own issues, or you feel inadequate, talk to Jesus about it. Tell Him about your struggles and feelings of inadequacy, give Him what you do have to give and then reach out in faith to that person and see how Jesus will use you to show compassion to them and bless you in the process.
And why is this value of Compassionate Action so importnt for us as Christians? We hear that in Ephesians 2:8-10. We are not saved BY good works, but we are saved FOR good works, that God has prepared for us to do. Those good works include Compassionate Action which the Holy Spirit can use to draw others to the Savior.

They are one of the ways that we "Live Out The Love of The King!".

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