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NAME: From Noah to Abram (Genesis 10-11)
God is going to accomplish His overarching purposes in this world. We can either get on board with Him or be on the outside looking in
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  • Rock Creek Baptist
    1238 Rock Creek Dr, Nashville, NC 27856, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
In Genesis 10-11 we are presented with two more lists of names. What could we possibly learn to apply to our lives from long lists of names? It turns out that there is actually a LOT going on here if we will dig in and take a real look at what God is telling us here. It's here for a reason...
These passages explain how we got different races, scattered across the globe, they point to Jesus. But unfortunately some have used these very passages to try and enslave their fellow man. It would be good for us to know for ourselves what this really says!

There are 70 nations listed. Seven and multiples of seven are for perfection. God commanded His people to spread out, not stay in one place. Sometimes they need a bit of a push to do so, such as the Tower of Babel. But one way or another, God's will won out and there became 70 nations spread out across the earth.

There is plenty that happens on this earth outside of God's will because we have the freedom to choose good or bad. But God's overarching will contains some non-non-negotiables, "this is GOING to happen," and His overarching will is GOING to be accomplished with or without us. It's best to be on board with God and where He is going than to be outside of His will.
Please reference the separate handout, available in church on Sunday detailing the family trees

1) Your own spiritual walk can impact the walk of your children, grandchildren, for generations to come. For good or for ill.

2) It is possible to break the cycle

3) God is going to accomplish His overarching purposes with or without you.

4) You may feel like there are countless people against you that are enemies of God and you. We see it in these family trees. But God always preserves a remnant to represent Him. To testify to the nations about Him, and sometimes those nations turn to Him as a result!

Boldly declare and live out your faith, get on board with God, be part of the line of faith that points to Jesus, even when it seems like much of the world is going against Him and you.