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Characters series

Samuel & David: Heart

School starting: being picked for teams is almost inevitable. :-)

*Middle school: basketball & football (very different for me) :-)

*Intramural flag football at LU -ran into my friend on crossing pattern :-)

-God does not look at our "stuff" (appearance, wealth, past successes, past failures, people's opinions)

-God looks down at all of us, zero's past all of our "stuff" & looks at our heart

Samuel LISTENED to God, did not harden his heart . He thought, probably Eliab: oldest because he's been through the most, must be the one.

Samuel didn't just do what HE THOUGHT, softened his heart: was obedient & listened to God
We need to pray and seek God like these verses: David (same as one Samuel picked above) prayed for God to work on the INSIDE, in his heart!
Why is our heart important:

-We live with our hearts & live out of our hearts

-If our heart isn't healthy, we live out "unhealthy" choices (Samuel)


-Many of us have been on a trip this summer. We pack what we think we need. When we are on our trip, we only have what we packed. Ever forgotten something? :-) Had to re-wear some pants, shorts...socks...? :-) Sometimes, brought what you didn't need!

-When we're living our life out: we only have what we've put in our hearts. Be CAREFUL what we put in our heart!! Unpack some things that are in there / Pack some things that are not there!!
Take-Away: God looks at MY heart