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Paul & Silas: Examples of praise

Sometimes, life wears us down & we get tired!

We need to be physically restored (practical)

We need to be spiritually restored

Sometimes even after a physical vacation, trip, good nights sleep, we're just tired "on the inside", in our soul

One thing that keeps us strong or restores us "on the inside": praise

We need this today: Psalm 150
Praise is the ATMOSPHERE in heaven

...learn the language now! :-) (prior to)

Praise is a POWERFUL practice on Earth

...We can't forget this !!

Praise is part of my WITNESS to The World

...people are always watching

Praise RELEASES God's protection & provision

...our action is a part of this, our move!

We see these aspects of praise in Paul & Silas in Acts 16
Acts of the Apostles 16:22-36 NLT

-Not the way they wanted it...planned it out!

-FIRST thing on the list: probably was not praise & prayer worship service!

...they praised anyway! What about you ?

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