Shasta Way Christian Church
He Is The Resurrection and the Life
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  • Shasta Way Christian Church
    5835 Shasta Way, Klamath Falls, OR 97603, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Do you have any IF questions in your life?
Are you wanting or thinking that Jesus should be acting differently in your life?
Jesus came to take away the power of death
People become so concerned with protecting their life that they never really live.
Fear of death has caused people to lose Hope, and that, in turn, has caused people to make bad decisions.
The fear of death changes our perspective on how we should live.
People know what to expect from life. Death is the unknown.
God has given us His resurrection power, and that resurrection has become the center of our faith. That is what we symbolize in baptism.
There is reality to the resurrection. There was a real Life that Jesus was raised to, not just tome vague spirit life.
Lazarus was really alive.
We will really live even if we die.
Martha new that her brother would be raised in the future, at the "end".
Jesus wanted to bring her future into the present.
We have hope today and a hope for the future.