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Gifted - Part 6 - Healing
In this series titled "Gifted", we have been looking at the different gifts from God... including Gifts from the Father, from Christ, and from the Holy Spirit... Today's Message = The start of a discussion on healing...
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Gifts From the Father

1.) Every good and perfect gift
2.) The Holy Spirit
Gifts from Christ

1.) Grace
2.) Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers
Gifts from the Holy Spirit

The bases for these are LOVE…
They are for the common good…
They are from a secure foundation in righteousness!
She brought her circumstance to Jesus as the Lord over her circumstance!
She set cultural norms aside to put Jesus as Lord over her and her circumstance...
1.) her focus isn't on what she is not
2.) her focus isn't on what she has not done
3.) her focus isn't on what she has done

We walk by faith in Jesus not by our experience!
To many times we reduce Jesus to what we are familiar with...
instead of magnifying Him as Lord
Taking Offense separates and causes division...

Taking Offense at Jesus = "I can't believe"

Jesus loves you too much to stay in your box... Trust Him and Be Free!
Let us never again magnify what we are familiar with over who You are Jesus!

Let us always place our circumstance at the feet of our magnified Lord!
The world around me needs me to get over me so that they can see You through me!


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