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Dear Younger Me :: Worry Less
Don’t take a vacation from God! During these summer months, ThornCreek will be looking at the life of some amazing...and not so amazing...KINGS! You'll be encouraged that these kings were very “human”, and God used their life in spite of their flaws! You will also discover how God uses unfortunate circumstances all for His purpose. You will be encouraged.
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  • ThornCreek Church
    13801 Garfield Pl, Thornton, CO 80602, USA
    Saturday 6:00 PM, Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
Welcome to ThornCreek

We hope you experience God in a meaningful way at ThornCreek Church! All elements of ThornCreek are designed to help you discover God's love and purpose for your life. It's a great place for the spiritual seeker or the deep-rooted Christian.

We want to connect with you. Check out our site to find out what's happening and to find out more about the ministries at ThornCreek.
How to Connect

1. Take the 3 Weekend Challenge.
2. Attend the New Friends Dinner.
3. Attend the TC Membership Class.
4. Join a Small Group.
5. Serve

Click the link below and fill out the form to tell us more about yourself, if you're interested in volunteering, if you've made a decision about Jesus Christ, to register for any event or to provide comments.
Upcoming Events
TC Serve - Street Clean Up | Sat, Aug 26 8:00am
One simple way for us to reach our community is by cleaning it up. We have partnered with the City of Thornton's Adopt A Street program to take care of Washington St and 136th Ave near our future home. Join other ThornCreekers as we strive to keep our future home beautiful. Meet at our property at 140th Avenue and Washington.

Generosity Round Table | Sun, Aug 27 5:00pm
It is an exciting time at our church as we continue to reach out to the North Denver area. As our community grows, God has given us a spiritual oasis on Washington St. where we can be living water to a spiritually dry community. We will be discussing what a generous life looks like in our community and church as well as bringing you in on the ground floor of our exciting generosity initiative. Alan Wildes, our generosity coach and strategist will be joining us this evening and helping to facilitate our discussion.

New Friends Lunch | Sun, Sep 10 12:30pm
If you are new to TC & so far you like what you see - this is the perfect next step for you. Come have lunch with Pastor Ruben and his family, and meet some other TC families. Lunch and childcare are provided free of charge. Register at

TC Serve - Blood Drive | Sun, Sep 3
Baptism Class | Sun, Sep 10
Membership Class | Sun, Sep 17

Check out more at
TC Kids
ThornCreek Children’s Ministry strives to partner with families to raise children in the way of Jesus. It’s our goal for children to be transformed by the love of God, to grow in their walk with God, surrender their lives to God, and be a light in the world for others to know God in the same way.

Our curriculum takes the kids through the Bible in a year and they are invited into The Big God Story to experience it and discover who God is and how they fit into His plan!

We believe that parents have a huge impact on the faith of their children! Every Monday, parents are emailed a Family Bible Study that you can do throughout the week with your kids. We also have a repeating 6-week Spiritual Parenting small group that you can be a part of to learn more about raising your children to know God!

We have classes available each weekend for Infants through 6th grade. All volunteers have passed background checks and we have security procedures in place to create a safe environment for your kids.
TC Teens
TC Teens Ministry’s mission is to create a safe place for teenagers to encounter Jesus, to ask questions, and to experience the Love God has for them, while ultimately integrating them into the body and mission of Christ.

Youth Group | Thursdays 6pm-8pm @ Mountain States Baptist
Soul Fuel | Sundays 9:30am @ Prairie Hills Elementary School
Worship Service Info
Did you come with kids? | The teaching time in our Worship Center is designed for adults (Middle School and older). Children, 6th grade and younger, will be much more comfortable in our TC Kids Ministry which is designed just for them! There, your child will engage in age-appropriate teaching, games, music and more. You can check your child in for a TC Kids Ministry classroom at the check-in table located in the Lobby. If needed, the Lobby becomes our Cry Room for parents with infants during service. If you have further questions, please stop by the TC Kids Ministry check-in table in the Lobby today.

Volume | If you find the music too loud, please visit the Welcome Table for ear plugs. Ear plugs are also available at the Worship Center doors.

Prayer Requests | Prayer requests can be submitted via The TC Prayer Team would love to pray for your requests during the week. There are also TC Prayer Team members available to pray with you after service at the front of the Worship Center.

Distractions | To allow you and those around you to be more fully engaged in today’s service, please refrain from leaving the Worship Center during service. Also, please turn off or mute all cell phones and other mobile devices. Please use the Lobby area for any necessary conversations.
What would you tell your “younger me” to worry about?
Joyce Meyer
“Worry is a downpayment on a problem you may never even have.”
By Dr. Robert Leahy, The Worry Cure
1) If something bad could happen, if you could simply imagine it, then it’s your responsibility to worry about it.
2) Don’t accept uncertainty, you need to know for sure.
3) Treat all your negative thoughts as if they are really true.
4) Anything bad that could happen is a reflection of who you are as a person.
5) Failure is unacceptable.
6) Get rid of any negative feelings immediately.
7) Treat everything like an emergency.
500 years ago, Michel de Montaigne (Meeshel de Montenya), French Philosopher
“My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes; most of which never happened”.
C.S. Lewis - Screwtape Letters
“There is nothing like suspense and anxiety for barricading a human's mind against the Enemy. He wants men to be concerned with what they do; our business is to keep them thinking about what will happen to them.”
Saint Augustine
“Anxiety is always a sign of the collapse of a false god.”
Billy Graham
“Anxiety is the natural result when our hopes are centered in anything short of God and His will for us.”
Timothy Keller
“Worry is not believing God will get it right, and bitterness is believing God got it wrong.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“Where our treasure is, there is our trust, our security, our consolation and our God.”

People far from God worry. People of God trust God.

Message Study Guide

Download this week's message study guide for use with your small group or personal study.

There are several convenient ways to give at TC:
1. Give via text. Text GIVE to 720-619-2688.
2. Give online via the link provided below.
3. Give via check or cash by dropping either in the offering that will be passed during announcements or in the giving box located in the lobby.

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Total received this month: $20,480
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