Wind River Community Church
Cries of a Wounded Heart_Does God trust you?
When suffering strikes and our hearts are wounded, what is our cry? This week starts our series of looking at the book of Job and the cries of a wounded heart. When we receive blows that hurt and leave a deep mark, we need to run to Jesus before we run blaming others or demanding answers. Without Jesus, no answer will satisfy; with Jesus, answers will be revealed. Does God trust us to make His greatness known even when our hearts are wounded?
Locations & Times
  • Wind River Community Church
    Lander, WY 82520, USA
    dimanche 10:00 AM
  • Wind River Community Church
    dimanche 10:00 AM

Church at the Lake
Sunday, July 26 @ 4pm.
Come for a relaxing connecting time by Frye Lake
Location- Fry Lake Campground

Youth: We are having a getaway before school starts (Aug 2-5). There's another youth group joining us as we look to see who God is and how He effects our everyday stuff of life. See Pastor Matt for more details.

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