It's Time to Grow
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We have all experienced a season when we are presented with an opportunity to make adjustments in our priorities that have the potential to make a huge difference in our lives.
With every opportunity, there is a time to prepare, a time to grow, a time to give and a time to go.
Hopefully you are in a season where you know, It’s time to GROW.
I believe the key to all personal growth is teachability.
a : capable of being taught
b : apt and willing to learn

This definition is a good beginning but it still doesn’t tell us much about what makes a person teachable or how each of us can become more teachable.

A person who remains teachable will continue to grow.
The two words are Desire and Willingness.
Did you notice the words I highlighted in our go-to scripture?
· Remove
· Put on
· Live decent
· Don’t participate
· Clothe yourself
· Don’t let yourself think about ways to indulge your evil desires
Before you remove something from your life there has to be a desire to remove it and then a willingness to put it off.
Paul said it this way in Ephesians 4:21-24:
The first critical component of teachability is desire.
Three kinds of desire.
1. The desire to become better.
2. The desire to change.
3. The desire to learn.

Desire grows in the same way as most things; the more you feed it the more it grows.
The second critical component for cultivating teachability is willingness.
Let me give you two types of willingness important to teachability:
1. A willingness to learn something new.
2. A willingness to relearn what you think you already know.
“We all tend to bring preconceived ways of thinking into whatever present scenarios we find ourselves in—work, parenting, marriage, or even a hobby. In a way, it’s inevitable. But teachability requires a willingness to set those aside and be open to relearning what we think we already know.”
“For most people, the key to reaching a new level of success in any area of life has as much to do with unlearning and relearning as it does with learning something new.” Matt Keller
Desire to learn X Willingness to change = Level of Teachability
Public Speaking
If my desire to improve as a public speaker is a 9 and my willingness to change is a 5, then my teachability number in the area of public speaking is 45.
Joining a Life Group this Fall
If my desire to join a Life Group is an 8 and my willingness to change is a 9 I will more than likely be joining one or leading one.
Controlling my outbursts of anger
If my desire to overcome my outbursts of anger is 10 but my willingness to change is a zero, then my teachability level is at zero and I will probably let everyone know how angry I am about it.
Our desire to learn multiplied by our willingness to change = Our level of teachability
Where do you need to become more teachable? Are you willing to put off the old way so you can make room to put on the new way?
I want to encourage you to think about an area where you would like to grow and then place it on the graph I showed you.
Pick a number that you believe best represents your current desire and then multiply that number with the number that best represents your wiliness to grow in that specific area. Ask God to help you increase your desire and willingness in that area and then hold on because that’s when it will happen.
Remember, your desire to learn multiplied by your willingness to change equals your level of teachability. You determine the numbers that’s why It’s time to grow.