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Good News Bad News - Part 9
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"Bowls of Wrath"
Good News, Bad News - Part 9
Kyle Ray
July 26, 2020

First angel – bowl poured out on land – beast worshippers break out in sores

Second angel – bowl poured out on sea – water turned to blood and everything died in the water

Third angel – bowl poured out on river and springs – water turned to blood

I. Expect judgment (16:5-7)

Fourth angel – bowl poured out on the sun – sun scorches people with fire

Fifth angel – bowl poured on throne of the beast – kingdom plunged into darkness

II. Repent regularly (16:9-11)

Sixth angel – bowl poured out on the Euphrates River – Euphrates River water dried up and became a pathway

III. Live ready. (16:15)

Seventh angel – bowl poured out into the air – most severe earthquake ever

IV. Think wisely. (17:9)

Questions to Consider:
1. How does the wrath of God impact the way that you walk through life?
2. Are you ready to be judged for your beliefs and actions?
3. How can you insure that you are thinking wisely as you interact with the world?

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