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A Holy Heart: Power In Us
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  • Lifeline Church
    760 E Columbia Ave, Colville, WA 99114, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Being “only human” to a Christian means returning to our genesis enjoying the holiness of God and walking with God.
Some Christians act as if they have no power in them, perhaps they don’t.
How does the Holy Spirit empower us to holiness?

1. The Holy Spirit constantly convicts us of the gravity of having sin in our lives.
How does the Holy Spirit empower us to holiness?

2. The Holy Spirit reveals the will of God for our life.
LifeGroup Questions
Because information without application is useless.

1. What is the correlation between mankind in the Garden and the Christian today?

2. What does unrepentant sin in your life say about your understanding of the Holy Spirit?

3. Ignoring God's calling upon your life affects holiness in what way?

4. What affect does giving/not giving thanks to God have on our personal holiness?