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God brings His deliverance in the most unlikely vessels...
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We're going to talk about 4 arks and 4 stories. But these 4 arks in our history are all HIS STORY, God weaves throughout all of these into one grand narrative of His redeeming power carried out in the most unexpected ways!

First ark. Genesis 6. The place where Noah is isn't mentioned. No need to list an address on a place that's about to be destroyed completely. The time isn't listed either. Everything before the flood will be known as "pre flood" history.
God describes the construction of the ark...there is only one door. One way and only one way to enter into salvation
Noah is supposed to bring peace and comfort, how does he do this here? It's an offer that extends to all who will hear the message of God as Noah preaches it, which turns out sadly to be no one listens outside of his family.
What can we learn from this ark?
God's provision comes in the most unlikely of vessels.
Noah in his old age builds an ark when no one believed it would flood.
There's only one door, one way into salvation, but people wouldn't listen to the message
Second ark: Exodus 1
Pharaoh is scared of the many Israelites and enslaves them. Orders the baby boys to be thrown into the Nile
The water is filled with death and destruction, how awful it would be to drown your child! We read next of one woman who couldn't do it...
This Hebrew word for basket can mean ark!
Moses who will one day free his people is floating over waters of death and destruction in an ark!

What can we learn from this ark?
God's provision comes in the most unlikely vessels.
A boy marked for death arrives in humble circumstances, is the unlikely hero, leaves royalty to be poor and redeem his people. He speaks for God, does miraculous signs and wonders and sets captives free.
Third ark: Exodus 25

Ark of the Covenant containing Ten Commandments and later manna and Aarons staff.

God meets with His people seated between the cherubim on top
Where the ark rests, the people rest
So what can we learn from this ark?
God provides deliverance in the most unlikely of vessels
The ark is powerful in itself but also carries reminders of what God has done in the past and what He is about to do
Fourth and Final Ark: The Manger
Jesus ties all of these other arks together in his own... His Story
Like Moses, Jesus leaves His royal throne to be poor and redeem His people. Arrives in humble circumstances. It isn't a basket, nor called an ark, but performs the same functions of those and like a chest holds the greatest treasure of all.

Like the Ark of the Covenant, carries God's most precious treasure, offered up freely to those who will accept the gift.

Like Noah's ark, He arrives to bring the peace and rest promised of Noah and that which the angels sing of. Like the door of the ark, He is the only one, the only way, truth, and life, the only way to salvation

Like the time of Moses, a ruler feels threatened and tries to kill all the baby boys. Once again, God brings deliverance against all odds

What can we learn from this "ark?" God brings deliverance, against all odds, in the most unlikely of vessels. The manger seemed an unlikely choice, but this God who brings deliverance again and again arrives in a manger, this chest, this ark, carries a reminder of what God had promised, fulfilled, and what He is about to do going forward.

This deliverance isn't just for Israel or those shepherds in Bethlehem, it's for you!

Story of the man rejecting rescue from a flood.
If you haven't accepted Jesus as Savior what are you waiting on? He sent you three arks and a manger
If you've accepted Him but haven't joined a church, there is still more room on the boat, you don't have to row alone!
If there is something in your life you need to throw overboard, that doesn't belong in the ark, in your chest, God can help you throw it over.

We'd love the opportunity to pray with you and help you get things right with God as He leads you.