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The Compassion of Christ to Assume Our Sin
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  • Christ Assembly Church
    2835 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
I. Our debilitating condition that causes separation.
II. Our need to humbly trust the power of the Lord.
III. The mercy of the Master in assuming our condition
IV. Declaring our deliverance.
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: We receive cleansing from sin through Jesus' willingness to take on our sin and exchange it for His cleansing.
1. How does leprosy resemble sin in our lives?
2. How does the faith of this leper differ from how faith is taught by many tele-evangelists on TV?
3. How does Jesus show mercy to this leper? How does Jesus' act of mercy toward the leper demonstrate His mercy that he shows to sinners?
4. What is the purpose of miracles? How are we to fulfill this purpose when we experience miracles in our lives?
5. What is the ultimate miracle that anyone can experience?
6. How are we supposed to follow Jesus' example of being willing to minister to this leper?

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