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Trapped—Part 6
We all feel trapped at times. Trapped by circumstances. Trapped by fear or unforgiveness. Trapped by the sins in our lives. Trapped by finances. Trapped in a relationship. Is it possible to be set free from the things that hold you captive? Join us for the compelling and relatable series. Let’s discover how to experience the freedom Christ intended you to have.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM


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Gone, My Defense, Who You Say I Am, Do It Again Beginning Sunday, October 20th–you’re welcome to a new Sunday night bible study! Pastor Tim will be leading the study group through an in-depth exploration of the book of Revelation. Together, we’ll examine and discuss the first part of the final book of the New Testament. We will gather on Sunday evenings for nine weeks from 5pm to 6:30pm at The Ridge. Sunday, October 27–Kids are super! Superhero Sunday will be a morning of fun for everyone during the 9am and 11am services! Kids from birth through 4 years old are encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero. We can’t wait to see your superhero style—you can choose to wear pajamas, a t-shirt, a cape, and even a costume! Beginning Sunday, October 27–Starting next Sunday, you can make a difference this holiday season by bringing in new or gently used coats, and winter accessories to share with those in need in our community. Drop off your items for donation in the lobby October 27th through November 10th. We are accepting items for children and adults.

Trapped [Part 6]—Tim Haring

Problem: We are sometimes trapped in anger, bitterness and unforgiveness.
Solution: We need to keep anger in its place.
Anger: emotional excitement induced by intense displeasure.
–Merriam-Webster Dictionary
…to enrage, incense, infuriate, ire, mad, madden, steam up, annoy, irk, vex; aggravate, exasperate, irritate, nettle, provoke, boil, boil over, bristle, burn, flare (up), fume, rage, seethe, to breathe fire, fly into a rage, get hot under the collar, get one’s blood (or dander) up, hit the ceiling, lose one’s temper, see red.
“Anyone can be angry, that is easy…but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way…that is not easy.” –Aristotle
Righteous anger is commanded, not merely permitted. –Vincent
• Diminish anger with a deadline
Defuse anger with kindness
• Diminish anger with a deadline
• Defuse anger with kindness
• Deal with anger as Christ has dealt with you

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