First Baptist Church, Zachary, LA
The Disciple's Prayer
Prayer is not performance but private. Prayer is not about emotions but changing me.
Locations & Times
  • Florida Boulevard Baptist Church
    10915 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70815, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
The Following notes are Part 1 shared at the 8:30 am service. Part 2 for the 11:00 am service is below.
The Model Prayer, or The Disciples’ Prayer
1. A few basics:
-It is not a Performance v. 5
-It is to be Personal/Private v. 6
-It is not defined by emotions or lack of it v. 7
-It is not to change God or circumstances but change us v. 8
2. Is there a Difference in saying a prayer and Praying?

The Attitude for praying and prayers vv. 9-10—Heavenly Protocol--How to Approach God, Protocol

√Rooted in A relationship with God as Father
-We must know Him, We must come to Him thru Jesus
-The Holy Spirit allows us to say that—248 in NT, 8 in OT—Father
-Personal intimacy with God-Abba, Rom. 8: 16

√Reveres Him as Holy
-He is God and we are not
-We do not demand or boss or lecture God
-He is knowable but not tamable

√Recognition of His Sovereignty—
-Thy Kingdom Come—this is not political but spiritual
-Thy Will be done—volitional change
---We are to be changed to His Will, His desires…not our own
---Mt. 26: 39 We are brought under His will

The Asking in Prayer is affected by our attitude towards prayer—We come in Jesus name

√Is NOT a monologue—not a telling God what is going on, weather report, news report!

√It is a Dialogue—a conversation with some who speaks to our soul, speaking into our soul (Rom. 8: 26)—Jer. 33: 3 Call unto me.

√It is a Trialogue—“our, us”
-How we pray is connected to how we live who we know.
-All prayer in intercessory prayer
The Following notes are Part 2 shared at the 11:00 am service.
Petition—Give us this Day our daily bread!

√Bread in every day life—the staple of their diet
-Feeding 5K—5 and 2, Feeding 4K—7 and some
-If we ask bread—will he give a stone—Mt. 7: 9; Jesus’ temptation—stones and bread
√Every day bread—
-Mt. 20: 10-11—daily provision, seldom enough for more than a day
-Labor and bread—Pro. 20: 13, 28: 19—work; Ps. 37: 25; Phil. 4:19—God will supply
√Wilderness bread—Ex. 16: 2, Wilderness and manna
-Get enough for 1 day and no more—go out and harvest it/work it
-Get enough for 2 days pre-sabbath and no less
-Give Thanks and do not murmur
√Daily Bread
-Dt. 8: 3/Mt. 4: 4 it was more than physical bread
-John 6: 35—I am the Bread of
-You must harvest the Bread that is before you:
---You must get up read, get up and taste
---Work it—ask God to speak to you, change you, feed you
---We have no excuse—we submit, yield, and say feed me from your Word.
Confessional Prayer v. 12 (Forgive us our Debts…)

√Is this concerning financial obligations? Rom. 13: 8

√“To Owe” or “debt” was in reference to personal offenses, sins. Mt. 18: 21ff
-Our right standing with God is connected with our right treatment of others.
-We should seek to treat others as God has treated us.
√The OT is full of stories of Reconciation/restoration/confession Pr. 28: 13; Gen. 35: 9, Gen. 38-50, David 2 Sam. 12ff, Job 42: 7-10, Hosea Hos. 2: 9, 3: 1
√In the NT—reconciliation was strongly emphasized
-Jesus taught it extensively, Mt. 5: 23-24, Mt. 18: 15-18; John 21
-Paul emphasized its necessity—1 Tim. 1: 5, Acts 24: 16; Rom. 12: 18; Gal. 6: 1-2, 2 Cor. 2: 10-11, Phil. 4: 1-4, Acts 13: 13 (Acts 15: 37-40, 2Tim. 4: 11)
√Principles of “Debt Free Living”
-Keep a short sin account—Eph. 4: 26
-Avoidance of reconciliation reveals someone living in disobedience. 1 Cor. 11: 28-30 (Lord’s Supper)
-Confess your sins to God, name them 1 John 1: 9
-We must be reconciled according to God’s requirements not ours. Mt 5: 23-24
-The greater the length of non-reconciliation, the greater the depths and danger of bitterness Heb. 12: 14-15
Prayer Guide: August 6-14

8/6: Read Psalm 119:65-67 Pray for FBCZ to walk according to the Word of the Lord.
8/7: Read Psalm 119:65-67 Pray for the search committee to learn good discernment and knowledge.
8/8: Read Psalm 119:65-67 Pray for the pastor to depend fully on the Word of the Lord in light of frustration and struggles that God is using to prepare him for a new assignment at FBCZ.
8/9: Read Psalm 119:68-70 Pray that the family of the pastor would see and depend on God’s goodness through uncertain transition and it would drive them to learn and trust the Lord’s instruction.
8/10: Read Psalm 199: 68-70 Pray for FBCZ, the search committee and the pastor to observe the Lord’s guidelines in order to stand against opposition of God’s will and ways.
8/11: Read Psalm 119:68-70 Pray that the search committee will have hearts that do not get distracted and instead delight in the Lord’s commands.
8/12: Read Psalm 119:71-72 Pray for the pastor to learn the Lord’s Word in light of hardships and difficulties.
8/13: Read Psalm 119:71-72 Pray for each person at FBCZ to value the Lord’s Word each day above all else.
8/14: Read Psalm 119:73-74 Pray that the committee may seek understanding of the Lord’s Word and ways based on the Lord’s creative compassion in their lives.