Westshore Christian Church
Join us as we look at how outreach can become a natural and organic overflow of our life with Christ. What we cover in this series will help us put feet to our vision to be a vibrant, transforming community where we love God, love people, and serve that all may know Jesus! We have been given great news. Let’s learn how to live it and share it with those around us!
Locations & Times
  • Westshore Christian Church
    3062 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
1. Preparing the soil of our own hearts
•Dry Bones
•The Heartbeat of the Father
•Becoming Grace Bearers
•Embracing the Truth of God’s Word
•The One Degree Rule
2. Planting and Watering
•Praying For and With People
•Incarnation: Walking the Talk
•Try Something
Try Something
“Part of Outreach is taking action and having the courage to try new things. There is only one gospel, but there are many ways to express it and to reach people who are spiritually disconnected. Spirit-anointed creativity opens evangelistic doors as we try many ways to scatter the seed of the gospel.
Scatter Seed
“I like my way of doing evangelism better than your way of not doing it.”
–D. James Kennedy in Evangelism Explosion

Organic Outreach
“Because of exposure to unhealthy evangelism models, the evangelistic enterprise has been hurt. Often it is the methodology of some of these models which offends the sensitivities of caring Christians. Sometimes they are artificial and unnatural.”
–Joe Aldrich in Lifestyle Evangelism
Come Walk With Me
Invite people to join you in the regular activities of your life
•Shopping, going to lunch, attending a sporting event, going for a walk, going on a vacation, picking out a new lawn mower—anything!
•Bathe the time in prayer
•Be yourself
•Don’t have to force religious conversations
•When your faith comes up, don’t hold back
Hosting Matthew Parties
Inviting both your Christian and non-Christian friends
Learn With Me
Exploring questions of faith with spiritual seekers
Providing Christian Resources
Inviting People to Church-based Gatherings
What is happening in and around Westshore that you could invite someone to?
•Halo-ween Carnival
•Fall Festival
•Small Groups
•Youth Group
•Kids’ Midweek Program
•Salvation Army VBS
•Other ideas???
Serving Others
Jesus modeled humble service and called His followers to do the same.
Serving Others
•Jesus modeled humble service and called His followers to do the same.
•When we serve others, we model Christ’s love and compassion and show the world that He is alive and active in this world.
The 30 Seconds Rule
A commitment to pause at specific times in the flow of the day to recalibrate our hearts and eyes toward the people around us.

1. What would the Spirit of God prompt me to pray as I walk into this portion of my day?
2. Who does God want me to notice right now?
3. How might I extend the love of God and the grace of Jesus in this situation?
Seven Outreach Ideas
1. Come walk with me
2. Hosting Matthew parties
3. Learn with me
4. Providing Christian Resources
5. Inviting people to church-based gatherings
6. Serving others
7. The 30 Seconds Rule
Organic Activities
•Try the 30 Seconds Rule
•Invite someone to come walk with you
•Throw a Matthew party
A Prayer of a Willing Heart

Creator of the heavens and the earth, You are the ultimate artist. You are creative beyond measure. You have made each person beautiful and unique. If I am to be used by You in this world, I need to be infused with Your creative energy. Give me boldness to try new things. Grant me grace when an outreach effort doesn’t work and humility when it does. I know You want the seed of Your gospel scattered all over the world. Here are my hands and my heart; use me for Your glory. Amen.