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When Worshipping God Seems Worthless
How to Be Persistent in Worshipping God When it Does Not Seem to Benefit You.
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I. Serving God sometimes seems like it’s not worth it.
II. When serving God seems worthless it’s ultimately a condition of our hearts
III. When serving God seems worthless, we must remember the Lord will remember those who fear Him.
1. How is the promise of judgement comforting in the midst of an evil and unjust world? What specific injustices do you long to see corrected by God's justice?
2. How does God's judgement work like a purifying furnace? See Hebrews 12.
3. How can you live longing for the return of Christ? What does it look like to eagerly expect His return?
3. What does it mean that the sun will rise with healing in its wings? How do you see this demonstrated in Jesus?
4. If you are a Christian, think about the day that you responded to the Gospel? What kind of joy did you feel being spiritually healed by Christ?
5. Why does God remind His people to remember His Word? What role does the Word of God play in judgement/deliverance?
SERMON TAKE HOME PRINCIPLE: When worship seems worthless keep obeying God and serving God will prove to be worth in time.

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