Gospel Community Church
July 29: Mark 10:32-45
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  • Gospel Community Church
    383 Fayette Pl, Fayetteville, GA 30214, United States
    Sunday 9:30 AM
Man’s formula for greatness is not God’s.
Before the purpose and mission there is a Cross.
Before greatness there is tremendous brokenness and pain used to crucify the pride and arrogance of our heart.
God’s idea of greatness is changing the selfish question of “What’s in it for me?” to “What can I do for you?”
Our own fleshly methods of pursuing greatness bring us to a point of our own destruction and brokenness.
God uses the discipline of brokenness and pours out His grace to break our self-indulgent and self-promotional pride which can foster a winsome others-oriented spirit that can serve with joy without looking for approval and recognition…. truly putting others ahead of ourselves.
“Questionable lives” demonstrate the humility and servant spirit of Jesus to the point that others are irresistibly drawn to our “light” and ask us, “How can you do that?
This is the path to true greatness. It is a path that has a Cross where we are broken and come face-to- face with the truth that life cannot be about us but about others as we focus on Jesus, the One who is truly the Greatest Of All Time.
What makes you great?
Jesus’ answer is serving with a humble heart, what you can do that will be a blessing to others.
True greatness?
Humbly serving and blessing your corner of the world for the sake of the Gospel.

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