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Perspective - 3 - Jonathan Burgio
The Prodigals & The Lost
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A Parable is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.

Prodigal has two main definitions
1) Spending money or resources freely and recklessly; being wastefully extravagant.
2) Having or giving something on a lavish scale.

• There were two groups of people who came to listen to Jesus. The first group were the “tax collectors and sinners.” We could equate them to the younger son.
• The second group of listeners were the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law, known as the religious. We could equate them to the older son.
Jesus was telling this story not to the sinners and tax collectors, but to the religious.
• Jesus told this story to tell us that both the irreligious, (people who are anti-religion) and the religious were spiritually lost without Jesus.
• When Christianity first started it was not called a religion. It was actually the non-religious thing to do.
• In fact, the Romans called the early Christians atheists.
• Today, Christianity is considered religion and moralism, but at the beginning it was considered secularism.
• Jesus’ message consistently offended the Bible Believers of the day and attracted the irreligious.
People to be loved, not an issue to be solved.
• We must be willing to sacrifice our comfort to reach those who are far from God.
The Gospel
• The Gospel message is not religion or irreligion, morality or immorality, moralism or relativism, conservatism or liberalism.
• Through the lens of the Gospel, everyone is wrong, everyone is loved, and everyone is called to recognize this and change.
• The prerequisite to receiving the grace of God is to simply know you need it.
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Thank You Volunteers
We couldn’t have done it without you! We appreciate all of the help with bounce houses, entrance tent, food preparation, kitchen, treasure hunting, set-up and clean-up and the warm welcome you give all of our guests during the carnival. God bless you all.

VBS - Grace in Community Church – Jul 31 to Aug 3, 9am-12pm
Love Joy kids are invited to this Vacation Bible School in Alden. The theme is "ROME: Paul and the Underground Church". Ages 3-11 at Grace In Community Church, 11269 Broadway St. Alden, NY 14004. Register online at Always absolutely FREE!

Hearing God through your Dreams – Aug 2, 7pm, Aug 5, 9am
On average, people spend 33% of their entire lives sleeping. Even when you are asleep, Heaven is still communicating. Dr. Charity Virkler Kayembe, will help you learn how to begin hearing God’s voice through your dreams. Introduction evening - Wednesday August 2, 7pm-8:30pm and 4-hour seminar - Saturday August 5, 9am to 1pm. Free event with offering received.

Treasure Hunters - August 8, at 6pm
Treasure Hunting is a great way to hear clues from God and bring supernatural encounters to people around you. Learn more at the monthly meetings, the second Tuesday of the month, at Love Joy Church, 6 to 9pm.

Women’s Picnic – August 19 – 4 to 6 PM
Ladies, you are invited to Pastor Judy's home in Clarence for a picnic, Saturday, August 19th from 4pm-6pm. Bring your daughters as the pool will be open! Pick up a flyer and RSVP in the lobby. Last name A-L bring an entree and M- Z a dessert.

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