Solid Rock Assembly
From This Day Forward - 4
July Sermon Series on how to have the marriage you've always wanted. This is for married couples as well as singles. God's plan for you is to have an abundant life, including your relationships! Join us Sundays for the main message and Wednesdays for sermon discussion group.
Locations & Times
  • Solid Rock Assembly
    3726 Clay St, Point of Rocks, MD 21777, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM, Wednesday 7:00 PM, Sunday 10:30 AM
From this day forward we will...

SEEK GOD - He is our #1 and our spouse is #2!
FIGHT FAIR - Healthy relationships fight for resolution; unhealthy for victory.
STAY PURE - Purity matters to God!

Happily married couples are 61% less likely to look at pornography. -Pornography Statistics, 2015
If you are married, you honor the covenant of marriage, if you're not, you still honor the covenant of marriage!
Reasons for impurity in relationships:
1. There are more temptations.
2. People get married later in life.
3. Entitlement
You don't build a life of purity on a foundation of sin.
Two types of purity:
1.Outward Behavior
2. Inward Heart

Impurity is... basically poison
We are not just going to conform our outward behavior, but we are going to let the power of Christ through His Word transform our hearts inwardly.
Three responses to impurity:
1. Defensiveness
2. Remorse
3. Repentance

Which response will you give today?
Next Steps
It's not too late to join us as we live out these commitments!

The "From This Day Forward" reading plan is accessible to anyone with internet! We encourage couples to read it together through the week.

Bring your questions, concerns and comments to the discussion group meetings on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm.