Gospel Community Church
July 23: Luke 15:11-31
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  • Gospel Community Church
    383 Fayette Pl, Fayetteville, GA 30214, United States
    Sunday 9:30 AM
God's love changes everything!
God's love never changes!
Father loves us when we are wounding His heart!
Father lets us go... Doesn't force His love on us!
Father loves us when we walk away from Him!
If you love something let it go...
Father knew that the son would regret it...
Father loves the son when he is wasting his life!
Geographically / Spiritually
I wanna do it my way! Doesn't read directions...
Father loves us even when we are Wallowing in sin!
Father loves us when we are Working to come back to Him!
Come to our senses!
Works won't cut it!
Bartering with the Father!
The Great Exchange!
Father loves us when we are being smothered in His love!
Father saw him....
Father had Compassion on him...
Father embraced him...
Father kissed him...
Father welcomed him back home!
Father ordered the robe... Covers our sin!
Father ordered the ring.... Son you are Family!
Father ordered sandals... Son, not a servant!
Celebration Time!
Father's other son...
One son went away yet his Heart was at home!
Other son was at home yet his heart was away!
Father divided unto THEM!
Spiritual Pride! Why not us... Works/ Rituals
Father is with us! ... when we aren't with Him!
Cannot escape GOD!
Not about the works..., but about Father's Love!
Father went to older son...
Easier to save the prodigal...

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